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We help Entrepreneurs, Communities & Agents of Change Achieve Sustainable Growth.

What We Do

We offer integrated services to bridge entrepreneurs, communities, and asset stakeholders to grow local ecosystems and rejuvenate economic zones.

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We help startups, small businesses, and social entrepreneurs grow their talent and entrepreneurial skills. We design, raise funding and operate integrated services for Entrepreneurial Service Providers.

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Economic Development

We help communities, policymakers and economic development organizations make sense of challenging situations and develop strategic and tactical interventions with real impact.

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Business Parks

We help owners create long term value, optimize costs, and reduce carbon footprint. We assess the current situation and design interventions as part as our effort to ensure projects goals are met.

In an Era of Disruption
Strategy Is More Important Than Ever.

Who We Are

EXPLORERSWe consider all issues and underlying parameters before acting. We apply systemic thinking in order to detect patterns and opportunities which can bring people and organizations together.

AGILE. We believe that implementation is key to the success of any vision / project. Our work includes a precise roadmap, examples, and pragmatic recommendations. We excel at implementing projets in challenging environments.

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CREATIVE. We think outside of the box, because innovative approaches are the main source of value creation and problem solving. We apply test and learn methodologies such as design thinking and lean startup.

ENTERPRISINGWe are passionate and audacious. However, at every step of a project, we measure risk vs. reward in order to realistically meet goals, and to ensure the economic viability of our recommandations.

Sebastien Lenhoff, M.B.A., M.U.P.

Siamesebox brings strong knowledge and experience.

For over 20 years, I have worked with people and organizations dedicated to entrepreneurship, business parks transformation, and more broadly economic and community development. My international experience has shaped how I connect and collaborate with people, and how I identify entrenched causes and determine solutions with real impact.

I am driven by challenges and enjoy bringing people and organizations together to build a vision, work on implementation, and unleash the potential of communities and ecosystems.


As a consultant, entrepreneur, and CEO of several for-profit and nonprofit corporations, I developed horizontal leadership skills which allow me to deliver effectively in complexe socio-economic environments with multiple stakeholders. I have extensive experience in advisory, assessment, project management, design, consulting, and coaching services across a range of organizational development areas. 

As a result, I provide a unique strategic perspective to economic development that my clients appreciate in today’s era of disruption.

If you’d like additional details, please check out my LinkedIn profile.

They Trust Us

Our Clients Are Our Partners

They Trust Us

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