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Business Parks as Ecosystems to Transition from Value Retention to Value Creation.

We help you assess the current situation, set up goals, and drive effective and sustainable transformation to create value. 

Business parks face numerous challenges including accessibility issues, increased competition from urban centers, rise of the digital economy, changing work patterns, need for flexible/tech-integrated workspaces, increased sustainability concerns, or aging infrastructure.

2020-08-22 Picto Business Park.png

However, the reindustrialization movement is changing this landscape. Modern business parks are uniquely positioned to thrive by embracing sustainability and technological advancements. These parks can leverage their inherent flexibility to adapt to new business models and economic trends.

Today's business parks are transforming into dynamic hubs within networked ecosystems. By fostering collaboration among companies, communities, job training organizations, and researchers, they are becoming centers for testing and refining new technologies, services, and innovative business concepts.

We believe that business parks that seize this opportunity will lead the way in sustainable growth and innovation, becoming pivotal in shaping the future of work and industry.


  • Stakeholders Engagement 

  • Competitive Assessment of the Current Situation

  • Benchmarking, Consumer, and Tech Research 

  • Workshops & Visioning

  • Strategic Planning & Targeted Tactical Plan

  • Opportunity & Risk Analysis

  • Real Estate Market Feasibility Analysis

  • Financial Feasibility Analysis

  • Performance and Sustainability Measurement


360 degrees assessment of Business Parks through surveys, data collection, competitive benchmarking, and analysis

Detection and evaluation of market potential for new services to serve the needs of Business Parks' tenants

Strategy design and implementation of revitalization comprehensive plans for buildings, parcels, and Business Parks

Opportunity assessment for commercial real estate programs and startup incubators

Design and implementation of support programs for entrepreneurs and SMEs

Design thinking sessions for policymakers, entrepreneurs and community stakeholders

Let's get started!

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